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Say hello to Ask Quinn, an AI-powered assistant on a mission to help you make better informed sustainable fashion choices anytime, anywhere, in one-click. Get ready to revolutionize your shopping experience and embrace more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

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Created for a better future

Ask Quinn is ready to guide consumers on the pre-purchase phase with unique features: sustainability indicators on product&brand level, instant sustainable recommendations, being where the consumers are.


Ask Quinn Team

Kate Tymoshchuk




“Nothing inspires me more than blue sky, crystal water… and of course a sustainable long-lasting wardrobe”

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal


van 't Hoenderdaal


“Solving real-world problems using technology and contributing to the sustainable development goals”

Willem Overbosch




“I am on a mission to make sustainable development a habit”

Anna Peliushkevych




“I am here to grow a product through storytelling and marketing”